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The Invisible World of Women - Page 11

Now sitting in front of the computer to continue my story, I still want to post today, I will now speak of this, the dream I had tonight .... I woke up a little agonizing, I do not know what's going on with the my friend's family , but right now I close my eyes and see his wife asked me forgiveness ... can not remember the details of the dream, I see only your face and she's crying ... I have forgiven everyone, but I need to do what I have to do, for repentance to be true, is not practiced again and correct the wrong done ... the worst is I do not know how all this will end up ...
Now we can go on ... My friend after cancer, had pneumonia, some time later, appears a brain tumor, it already was doing lose their hearing. The psychological pressure was too great ...
Again he can "work" the same patient fighting for life, this time with a samba group here in Bahia, even I made friendship with singer and owner of the band, by the way an honest man, I feel the presence of God in your life, I can not say more because I did not ask permission for that, I talked to a lawyer before and I know how far I can go and how ...
So he deceives the group's staff, saying he wanted to make a printed work and disclosure, that did not need money and liked to help people, promising the boys takes them to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, He needed evidence to show me who was working and so he did, sent photos to the group and even having lunch with a famous producer of Rio Janeiro, as I said everything broke down.
One day as we talked, Nadir and I,  she told me, this man does not act alone, he has a blond woman with him, and he did not sling off a boy much younger than him ... What he has in his back ??? asked me suddenly, I see an animal ... I said I did not know, and she said, he needs prayer, we will pray for him, and that's what we did, we prayed every day asking for his life.
At this time I still talk to him, I spoke about God, tried to make him understand the path he was following ... He claimed to be unemployed, starved and slept in a hostel in Rio de Janeiro paying for that R$ 1,00l, just It. I took advantage and asked him what he had on his back, and he replied, a tattoo, I did not go into details, turn off and scared I was trying to understand how she knew this, so the rest of what she said was true.
On the same day told her about our conversation and the confirmation of what she had seen, she told me, calm down, people from far will look for you, I'm not sure, but it will bring more news for you, and are not good. (laughs)
I will recall a few details and trying to write about it, with a little trepidation as they do not want to confuse you who are reading. But there were some interesting things that happened to me.
One time, I got really tired, you know my workday. I took a shower and went to bed, but could not relax, could not sleep, I closed my eyes and know when the agony in our chest is so large that it is difficult to breathe? I was so with eyes closed I was visualizing the face of Jesus Christ, it was when an image of a huge hand was coming up, It was so beautiful, so bright, and It was taking an object from a bag, the bag was small, and was placed in another bag next to it seemed an egg, something white, as if to emptying one to fill the other. It was the first time it happened to me and to this day if I close my eyes I can still see the scene.
A short time later, it happens again, this time it was a white hand of a normal man, stroked the side of the thigh of a woman, it also very white and wore a blue dress, jeans type. This fact I even comment by WhatsApp with my friend ...
Hmm, we need a name for this man, even I'm getting confused (laughs), let's call him MacGyver, (he did not use weapons and solved their problems thanks to scientific knowledge), ours also did not use weapons, (but created problems, knowing our psychological profile, attacked where it was necessary) as he pitched his hit in a way that only God to show me the whole truth.
We will see some points now:
1 - He created a blog, perfect, spoke of love, spoke of God, Self Help text, all copied, but anyway, this existed for many years (I have his copy here on my machine because he disabled the account)
2 - The Facebook  of him, when I discovered friends, more than six hundred, there was only great people, parliamentarians (a), doctors, mayors, delegates finally all armed to spend trust and credibility to whom he would victimize.
3 - He could very easily medical examination (this later will know how)
4 - And the imagination of the guy ... The son, he has a heart condition, he ours, almost dying, the only pity brother dies in an accident in December 2014, even sent me a picture of the car, for just signal (discovered his brother, and my government, living, seems to be a wonderful person, a pure heart, and do not know why, but while I visiting their profile felt a very great sadness, I can not explain, but something, he brings in the soul great sadness (call me crazy, because maybe I am)
There's more ... I will remember and turn to justify our MacGyver .... (laughs)

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