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The Invisible World of Women - Page 31

I was silent in those days ... but that's exactly how it works ...
October 28 I get this e-mail from MacGyver:

Be sure that God is now in control of my life, what people say to staff: I do not regret anything in my life! This is a stupid, I regret and have made my family suffer, Mrs. MacGyver, has always been a fighter and at various times held my bar and I never gave value, the small MacGyver a son who never gave me work, studious as every poor child who needs study to win, did you suffer, maybe if I had been truthful and honest with you, would have had a friend like I never had that might help me even more than did the same with the Divine, well, me too regret everything and I cried out to God for his mercy, for His acting in my life.
Ando thin, without stimulation and depending on the IT miracle in my life, but I know that He loves me and only HE can cure me of lying, and everything bad I've done.
I hope in fact able to get it right with the Divine and from start to repay you, know that I will have trouble, but God will give me the solution.
Do not be worried, I'm not afraid of anything happens to me, because everything will come with the permission of the Father, that I might build my life.
I really want to one day be able to look at you and ask forgiveness for the evil I have done you.
Know Rosa, is very difficult for people to believe in Fernandinho Beiramar, think does not regenerate, and after so I lied, I know you do not believe in my move too, but God has changed my life and today for me to have peace, must repay with you, to oh yes, God transform my life time.
The other day I thought about calling Nadir sister, but I was embarrassed to call, would ask for prayer.
You do not exist, should be an angel or a being from another planet, after all I did, and I found that with the Divine and my family, still has the strength to say whatever my good and my change.
Stay well, and I will tell you, Mrs. MacGyver and The small MacGyver were so victims as you and Divine and now blame myself for Small MacGyver not getting the job in the army, it was in tenth place and were only eight spots, see this as a punishment from God in my life and suffer.
Take care, and make sure that only have peace when you hit it with you and my life.
God be with you !

I did not believe a word .... but my feeling of love and compassion does not change ... only increases ...
The last day for him to answer yesterday, November 30 ... but he decided to stay in his silence, texted, then post here ... all this has made me very badly and I've cried enough, hung up the phone, I do not want to re-read, not for now, know that God will give me the strength I need.
Today at 2:00 am agreement, and open the Bible, and there it is written:

Mark 4
21 Jesus also said:
You don't light a lamp and put it under a clay pot or under a bed. Don't you put a lamp on a lampstand? 22 There is nothing hidden that will not be made public. There is no secret that will not be well known. 23 If you have ears, pay attention!

The last time I helped him, I asked God guidance and open the Bible ... Lamentations.
Still talked to my Father ... Father, I will do that your son Jesus would do ... but I was spared so ... and God showed me who was right ... overpaid!
Understand why I say ... MY  DAD  IS NEVER WRONG!

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