quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 32

Everything I do now in my life I ask our Father if that's what He wants me to do.
Monday I lost a client, I felt that my team was very sad, me too... immediately we feel a twinge of pride mixed with that sense of failure.
Suddenly it's as if a light lit in my eyes, and something speaks to my heart, calm, use wisdom ... a hair of yours does not fall if your Father does not want, wow, my father never wrong ... It is so good, suddenly got up from my chair and went to the living room to talk to them, asked not remain sad, I explained to them that many things in our lives seem to be bad, but they are not ... and if God's will was reduce the office I still bet on Him because I know the bit with him is a lot, He gives me a lot more than I need and maybe than I deserve ...
And so they would also have to see, because whatever happens, however bad it may seem that we can not do is lose our faith and discourage.
And so delivering live my life who else can take care of it, because He knows me more than myself ... to my Dad!

And in sequence one more sentence of ME.

"The Divine shows us the way"

* 5 The lamps of sinful people soon are snuffed out, 6 leaving their tents dark.
7 Their powerful legs become weak, and they stumble on schemes of their own doing.
* 8 Before they know it, 9 they are trapped in a net, 10 hidden along the path.
11 Terror strikes and pursues from every side.
12 Starving, they run, only to meet disaster, 13 then afterwards to be eaten alive by death itself.
14 Those sinners are dragged from the safety of their tents to die a gruesome death.
15 Then their tents and possessions are burned to ashes, 16 and they are left like trees, dried up from the roots.
17 They are gone and forgotten, 18 thrown far from the light into a world of darkness, 19 without any children to carry on their name.
20 Everyone, from east to west, is overwhelmed with horror.
21 Such is the fate of sinners and their families who don't know God.

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