domingo, 29 de maio de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 41

The text that spoke of his illness, the cancer was actually a text written by a man terminally ill with a lung disease. I am still looking for posting, I know I have, but I can not find ... I'll post what I have in hand, it can get away a little of the chronology but will not prevent the understanding of what happened.
Here I let the picture of him taken at the time of his alleged cancer:

Requests of examinations,  still made because of brain tumor ... Some of them were sent to me by the Portuguese, including the case number she opened against him in Portugal for international crimes ... That was what interested the police ... by the way, I will have to go again to the Federal police and take the complaint that I have already given in the Civil police. 

This sent to the Portuguese, see below, the same as I received:

Exam Day 08/08/2014:

This day 14.08.2014 sent to me by e-mail:

The picture of him on the waiting list of Social Security, by entering the Benefit disease .... In my country, it is also a crime ....

Password for service:

It's the result:

Oh okay ... The wife is technical nurse. 
By the way, what impressed me most was when the Portuguese told me about her, and you will not believe, I never dreamed that this lady existed, but I was locked in her profile ... Noemi Class.

Page 41