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The Invisible World of Women - Page 42

It is a complicated job, I have almost 1 GB of material, his blog can say that it's all in my computer and find the texts that look is like finding needle in a haystack ... (laughs), but who said it would be easy?
I made a meeting in which the matter would be the release of these pages in a printed book uncut telling everything, not only about this man, but all other situations that I lived (were not few) and explaining how the work of God in our lives and how He finds out what is hidden ... Amazing !!!!!
With the tools that God has placed in my hands, I managed to find all the hidden friends of Marcelo Ramos, and when that happened he posted on Facebook it. I laughed too much in this day and also shared his post.
Be assured that I knew who I was dealing.

Rosa Soares
May 19, 2014
Rosa Soares shared the photo of Marcelo Ramos.
37 s

Users of social networks should be aware of false identities present in virtual world. The false profiles, also known as 'fakes' are all over the network. 
They can be created by anyone who is interested in making success in social networking skin
someone who does not exist, creating a virtual character, or can be used by those You are interested in harming someone. Speaking in court, make a profile data and / or images of another person (famous or not) and go through it (even if only joke) can fit in Article 307 of the penal code. Even using picture taken Google and using other data, also can get into trouble because it is a violation image rights. The fake profile can also be excluded from the social network. In this case it is I need other users to also denounce the page. When this happens, account owner can not log in until he proves his page on Social networking is real. The profile will still be available for viewing on the social network, but the fake profile owner will be blocked login. 
I have been a victim of this type and situation and I realized that there is a fake profile by adding my friends in common and everyone has accepted. Be careful, because I do not know who it is and will not be responsible for attitudes of others. I saw this profile added 45 friends of mine ... Is a tip!

(Marcelo Ramos)

Yeah, that was to me .... (laughs)
The next page I will bring his post on facebook about the incident with his child, for the Portuguese he said that the son also had heart problems, it infuriated his wife, Noemi Class, for giving this disease to her child ...

The Noemi is an evangelical family, as you can see not practicing ... but she knows the word of God, His love and His righteousness.

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