sábado, 11 de junho de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 43

Today while I was taking my morning shower, already with the 43 page ready, the words again comes into my head, and instantly everything changes, it seems that this time not only my body is washed, my soul too... (laughs) . And so I feel that this issue is necessary to be discussed ... The pain!
I had an experience for a few hours, I felt excruciating pain, I had surgery on my teeth, necessary because of a leakage problem at the root of it, the surgery went well, uncomfortable, extremely unpleasant anesthesia but bearable ... before it passed, I began to feel the pain, I thought, that's not going to end well. Called to assist the doctor who attended me and I said to her, I asked if I could take another medicine I had for pain relief in my purse, because before the surgery I had already taken a prescription from the doctor four tablets, two antibiotics and two cortisone, I thought another drug would be a bomb to my body, but she told me It would have no problem, I hate drugs, because I know that cure one thing but end up affecting us in another, but I also know that there are times we can not avoid.
So I did, I took the medicine and went to get the car, I was alone, there was not time to go into it, the pain started, I thought, I have to wait for the end, going to work, sweet deception, did not happen like that. I turned on the car, and at that moment I asked to God ... Take me home, because I feel I do not have any conditions to follow, I could not control my feet (I was never good at it ... (laughs)), pain was so intense that I no longer saw anything in front of me, up a slope on a curve, closed my eyes, I felt it would crash into a bus that was coming down, and did not, I smiled and said, you're really with me looking at the passenger side seat.
Arriving home, my cleaning lady was frightened, she was worried about me, these are the angels that God prepares to help us in difficult times. She asked me to lie down, and I said, yes I will She asked me to leave, and I said, yes I will, I'm not crying I think of shame.... but It is unbearable. I lay down but could not think, until my brain hurt, bleeding profusely. I started talking to God, and said, Father I can not talk to you, and still a long time so I can take the next drug, and I'm not putting up with, let me put my face in your chest and relieves only one just so that I can at least breathe right. I thought that time would not work, I could not concentrate...
My God! The pain was easing, and for more faith we have, I was not believing what was happening, I jumped out of bed and in tears I ran into the kitchen where Andreia was (my diarist), she looked at me and said, do you have to go back in the clinic and talk to the dentist who met you, you can not be alone, I started to smile, I said the pain has gone, she answered with a question, and now is that lady crying? I answered her,  Yes .... Tears of faith, relief, joy and above all GRATITUDE!
And that's it, sometimes the pain brings us closer to God, almost one hundred percent ... others, depending on the intensity and our preparation, takes us away from Him, can be a pain in the body, or soul... And I beg You, do not give up, hold on tight, wait for the Lord ... it will pass.

Page 43