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The Invisible World of Women - Page 47

Fourth day was a Thursday, a friend of mine, who for me was fully illuminated asks for help, I immediately ran to help, but nothing I was trying to make it worked, I often confuse what I feel with what I have do, and that was the reason I started my fast.
I lost my morning trying to make a transfer, the bank blocked the transaction, and without thinking, I called manager to my account, I was nearly forty minutes to be answered. While waiting we talked on whatsapp and I said to him about my fast, but he did not seem to pay attention, just wrote what interested him, finally I commented about it.
I do not understand why nothing was working, I asked him to talk to God and I would do the same.
The next morning, Friday, I woke up, at 3:00 AM very anguished, opened the Bible in Psalm 63, I read everything I was feeling, it seemed an explanation.

God's LoveMeans More than Life 

1   You are my God. I worship you. In my heart, I long for you, as I would long for a stream
in a scorching desert.
2 I have seen your power and your glory in the place of worship.
3 Your love means more than life to me, and I praise you.
4 As long as I live, I will pray to you.
5 I will sing joyful praises and be filled with excitement like a guest at a banquet.
6 I think about you, God, before I go to sleep, and my thoughts turn to you during the night.
7 You have helped me, and I sing happy songs in the shadow of your wings.
8 I stay close to you, and your powerful arm supports me.
9 All who want to kill me will end up in the ground.
10 Swords will run them through, and wild dogs will eat them.
11 Because of you, our God, the king will celebrate with your faithful followers, but liars will be silent.

I sent a message telling him, I expected to find in his answer a spiritual help, but it did not, in my heart I sought to understand before judging, perhaps by the situation he was going through, could only see his problem and doubted my good faith. 
I asked what was happening in fact, if he was forgetting to tell me something, the answer was negative.
I was impressed, I wanted to an answer to what was happening to me again, believing that only the Bible could show me, I picked up, I needed to know ... Ezekiel 12 this time:

1The LORD said:
2   Ezekiel, son of man, you are living among rebellious people. They have eyes, but refuse to see; they have ears, but refuse to listen.

I kept trying to help at night at home went into another account. He was on line, all I did, photographed and sent him to see ... Nothing went right, suddenly the mouse stopped working, or started to work alone, I pulled to one side, It was going to another, the fan turned off for no apparent reason, anyway, I kept trying,  when I started to feel ill, I felt a very strong headache, turned off the computer and went to bed.
Saturday morning, terrified .... already I sought the mouth of God, and asked, Father help me, make me see what is happening, the Lord God is not a doubt, help me understand ...
I read Proverbs 6:

Don't Be Foolish
1  My child, suppose you agree to pay the debt of someone, who cannot repay a loan.
2 Then you are trapped by your own words, 3 and you are now in the power of someone else.
Here is what you should do:
Go and beg for permission to call off the agreement.
4 Do this before you fall asleep or even get sleepy.
5 Save yourself, just as a deer or a bird tries to escape from a hunter.
6 You lazy people can learn by watching an anthill.
7 Ants don't have leaders, 8 but they store up food during harvest season.
9 How long will you lie there doing nothing at all?
When are you going to get up and stop sleeping?
10 Sleep a little. Doze a little.
Fold your hands and twiddle your thumbs.
11 Suddenly, everything is gone, as though it had been taken by an armed robber.
12 Worthless liars go around 13 winking and giving signals to deceive others.
14 They are always thinking up something cruel and evil, and they stir up trouble.
15 But they will be struck by sudden disaster and left without a hope.
16 There are six or seven kinds of people the Lord doesn't like:
17 Those who are too proud or tell lies or murder, 18 those who make evil plans or are quick to do wrong, 19 those who tell lies in court or stir up trouble in a family.

I passed to him, a man of God, a being that for me was lit ....
He just said:
You will end up reading the whole Bible ....
And once again put his problem in the first place. A totally contrary attitude of what always was ....
I cried, but I felt a very great peace ... I got in my silence!

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