domingo, 19 de março de 2017

He will reward everyone according to his deeds

1  Who that keeps the Law makes many offerings:
2 A salutary sacrifice is to fulfill the precepts.
3 He who gives thanks to God offers fine flour;
4 And  4 and who gives alms offer a sacrifice of praise
5 What is pleasing to the Lord is to turn away from iniquity: to be merciful for sins is to depart from unrighteousness.
6 But do not stand before the Lord empty-handed,
7 For all these things are done by the commandment of God.
8 The sacrifice of the righteous is an offering of fat on the altar, and his perfume ascends to the presence of the Most High.
9 The oblation of the righteous is accepted, and the Lord will not forget it.
10 Glorify the Lord with generosity, and do not give up the firstfruits of your hands.
11 Make all your offerings with a cheerful countenance, and with exultation consecrate your tithing.
12 Give to the Most High according to the gift that He has given you and with generosity, according to the product of your hands,
13 For the LORD is a rewarder, and he will reward thee sevenfold.
But do not offer him defective gifts, for he will not accept them;
15 And do not confide in an unjust sacrifice, because the Lord is a judge who is no respecter of persons.
16 He is not partial to the poor, but he listens to the supplication of the unrighteous.
17 He never despises the orphan's or the widow's plea when she speaks to him with her groans.
18 Do not the tears of the widow run in the face, and her cry is not against him that provokes them?
19 From their face they go up to the heavens, and the Lord that hears them shall not delight in seeing them.
20 He who worships God will be gladly received, and his supplication will reach the clouds.
21 The prayer of the humble shall pierce the clouds, and shall not be comforted until he draw near to God; And shall not depart, till the Most High see not, and the righteous judge doeth no justice.
22 For the Lord will not tarry, and the Fortunate will no more use patience until he breaks the coasts of the cruel
23 And to recompense vengeance to the nations, till he rend the multitude of the arrogant, and tear down the scepters of the wicked.
24 In short, he will reward everyone according to his deeds and to the crimes of mankind according to his vain pride.
25 So shall he bring about righteousness for his people, and rejoice the righteous with his mercy.
26 Mercy is beautiful in the time of trouble, as a cloud of rain in the time of the drought.

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