domingo, 19 de março de 2017

Law of life

No one escapes the consequences of their own acts. These are inevitable in the evolutionary process of all creatures.

Depending on the action, the reaction is triggered. For this very reason, man lives according your actions.

Not always, however, the results are immediate.

There is time to sow, as there is to harvest.

The trail of each creature is traversed with the feet of personal effort.

Indispensable, therefore, to think before acting, so as not to repent, when reasoning later.

Produce, at every moment, a sowing of love, leaving on the road traveled the signs of hope and good.

Perhaps you will return the same way, realizing a new experience. And if by chance you do not return there, those who will go will bless you the work done.

Be you the one who illuminates lights in the dominant darkness.

The evolutionary journey is marked by the incessant achievements, which respond for the moral and spiritual promotion of the individual.

There are those who delight in ignorance, because knowledge is foreign to them.

Insist, many men, by staying in arbitrariness.

People act, mistakenly, in the disguise of the occult, believing themselves dribblers of honesty, of correction, of duty.

Smile, deceived, assuming themselves free from scandal, or, concealing the truth, they believe they are indifferent to derision, to the collection by their victims.

Perhaps, ignore the others, their ignoble actions; Never, however, by conscience itself, which reflects the presence of God in all individuals.

It is even likely that the guilty party will not be publicly charged, and will go through a respected life for all.

That, however, is not important.

He will never flee from himself, from his memories.

Time does not stop, but the effects of each remain.

One day they snatch from the memory files the bids of the acts perpetrated. and if they happen to be anaesthetized, the memories, they continue alive, awaiting the moment of their own.

From one existence it is transferred to another, the sum of the experiences.

Reincarnation is the natural law of life.

Through it each Spirit advances, conquering, inch by inch, the field of personal progress.

Thanks to its imposts, what seemed hidden is revealed, the unknown becomes public, wrong is made right.

So do not cease to produce in good, with good and for good.

If you deceive or harass someone, hurry to rectify it and rehabilitate yourself.

With great propriety, it affirms the Gospel lesson, teaching that "there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed."

Author: André Luiz
Psychography of Chico Xavier

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