sábado, 11 de março de 2017

The Invisible World of Women - Page 58

How long ... sometimes it went through my head that I would not be able to write again in these pages, our struggles are constant, but my thoughts can not stop my faith, they can not destroy the certainty that I have this story will end.
Today I will tell the news of our character alive, Marcelo Arantes Ramos, the swindler who continues to cheat, he thinks that we gave up, but our silence is just to work and make it happen.
I will summarize so that You will know that we will never give up making this man pay for everything he has done and do.
I sent a message to his wife Noemi Class, once again to see how far her innocence goes, she ignored how she did with Mrs. Fernanda a long time ago, and this just gave me the certainty that she supports the crimes of this man and knows of every step the husband gives.
Her brother who lives in Brasilia traveled to Rio de Janeiro trying to talk to her, he seems to be an honorable man, he is evangelical, but unfortunately he returned without being able to speak, they hid, confirming their guilt, there are no innocents in this family .
The number of victims continues growing, I will put the name without many details because I did not ask permission for them, the contact was made with Rute Rinco as I am, and Ana Carla will only stop when this is over.
Leninha (SP), Carla Eni (SP), Sandra Brenes, Tatiane (RJ), Eliana (MG), Beatriz (MG)
One of the victims had gotten the value to pay the pension and retire, the same has cancer, he entered the life of this woman, met her family and took everything He could, including that value she would use to solve the problems Of his retirement and thus take care of his illness.
On February 17 he tried to arrange a meeting with Mrs. Béatriz, she contacted me, saying that he was in the same city in Minas Gerais, and He was waiting for her in a hotel, but she did not go, searched the internet for his name and saw my blog. She lost little, one more that I avoid falling into the blow of this psychopath, and She is willing to give complaint, and to join us, also seeking justice.
She sent me some audios, a conversation with him, I laugh a lot, I'm making a new video with them, you will see how hilarious and totally out of purpose and reality.
God only knows how much I had to pretend not to let him escape, and to be able to gather all the evidence I have today ...
The problem is that I spent a lot of time pretending, the fight was great not to get lost in the darkness of this man's world ... I remember how much it made me sick, even today when I read some of the messages my stomach wraps. But I knew I had to do it, he threatened me when he felt trapped, so I needed to change tactics with sweet words, the important thing is that he believed it, it was worth it.
Mrs. Ana Carla was at the police station, the delegate laughed, said that Mr. Marcelo Ramos was sorry, that he never had cancer and that he would return the car, he ran his hand over his head like a father runs his hand over his son's head And sent it home, do you believe it? He was unable to look at the documents that were with Mrs. Ana Carla, among them our reports of occurrences, we know that besides ours there are another 15 occurrences against this man .... This is the Country that I should love and defend, but it only causes me nausea. I'm ashamed to be Brazilian because of figures like these.
Now our next step will be the Public Ministry, we need answers and believe that only the Public Ministry can give us.

Page 58