sexta-feira, 31 de março de 2017

The someone's visit

Today when I woke up, I realized that a lot of things were different around me. Yes; The sunshine was different, the scent of the flowers was different, the tune of my favorite song was different and even my heart was different.
That's when I discovered that during my night of sleep I had a beautiful dream with you, but who are you?
Then I sat on my bed and searched in my memory what I had dreamed of you, where it made me feel that life was different.
For a few moments I felt empty, my eyes lost in direction, but concentrated in the hope of discovering the message my dream wanted to reveal to me.
I looked around and really everything was at odds with my knowledge, where I came to have the feeling that someone had actually visited me that night.
But who? And why did you move and change the pieces of my life? Suddenly, I realize that the answers were far from me, but at the same time, I had the feeling that you are still here with me watching.
No, please do not let me get caught up in this huge interrogation that is inside me.
I need to find out who you are who had free access to visit my dream and my life.
Still aware of this situation, I noticed a folded note on the table in my room. I began to feel confused, wanting to open it and also fear and insecurity. However, I knew it was not an illusion or fantasy that I was involved in from the moment I woke up, because there is a feeling for you, without even knowing who you really are. This feeling encouraged me to take the note. I was surprised because the note was totally blank ... but from this moment I came to feel the voice of the person who visited my dream in my being and I asked him:
- Who showed you my life?
"Who told you my secrets?"
Yes, you are the woman of my dreams and it was who I created it, according to my wishes. I dream every night of having her in my life.
I carry a certainty that someday you will leave my dreams and be part of my reality.

Nelson Pereira

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