sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017

The Invisible World of Women - Page 63

The decision of the judge went out, and the promise of my God was fulfilled.
And this is just the beginning, a lot is yet to come and nothing will doubt who is the God I preach.

Finally, in the face of the facts and the possible occurrence of criminal offense, the Public Prosecutor's Office must be officiated in order to determine the possible commission of a crime.
In front of the Exposed, I think it is unfounded the author request and the contraposto request, with fulcrum in article 487, item I, of the Code of Civil Procedure. IS MADE PUBLIC MINISTRY, WITH FULL COPY OF DOCUMENTS, FOR ANY CRIME DETERMINATION.

As you can see, our case is now in the hands of the public prosecutor in a criminal investigation and will soon be in three Brazilian states, until the other victims have courage and do the same.

Today, talking to Ana Carla, I thank God for everything I've been through and for having these girls in my life, I often have to take strength I do not know where to keep them in faith ... I mean ... I know From where my strength comes. Lol

And that is how I live, life does not get easier, but the strength I have is renewed every day.
In my silence I analyze everything that happens, I learned to go in and out, the pain does not diminish in the face of disappointments, no, it does not diminish, but I can control how much I can feel and today what does not do me good I can drive in a way Intelligent until the moment when I no longer have to live with It.
And so I continue ... leaving behind what has hurt me, taking only what I needed to learn from the situation, and that is how I will lead my steps, I have a goal, a goal to achieve and it only depends on me.
I write my story.

Page 63