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The Invisible World of Women - Page 18

Many things happening to my friend, Angel, and our story begins.
From the moment I spoke to her (very afraid) to read Daniel 7, thinking she would call me crazy, because I did not know anything, she had never touched on this subject with me, I just did what my heart asked, It was from there that she felt safe to tell me why the text she read the Bible had left impressed.

Look what happened and how she met the ME.

• Good morning my dear!!!! You know I live in a country, where religion and even to believe in God is complicated here.
I was raised in the evangelical church and I was 12 years old, and I leave the church, I rebelled myself against the will of my mother, I did not accept this vengeful God, full of anger and angry that unfortunately religions preach. In my childish head that was not acceptable, and I rebelled, God is for me, has always been and will be only love.
I NEVER doubted the presence of God, He has always been very close, as a child I had dreams and felt inexplicable things.
Years passed and I did the walk in would put church, did not pray, did absolutely nothing for my spirit full of impurities, but always realized God's presence in my life and always thanked Him, to telling you this just so you know one just over me.
HOW IT ALL BEGAN: mid-2012, I went to work, I came home and an unusual sleep (which as a child I have, since I got to sleep 17 hours straight) I call "sleep of death" because it is like I was numbed. Well I got home and lay on the couch. My husband was sitting in front of me watching TV, I saw the TV and saw my husband watching, I fell asleep ... Suddenly agreement in cataleptic state, saw everything, heard but could not move, I was in panic, I tried to scream, me move and nothing. I struggled ..... But my body was still standing, I saw my spiritual hands far from me having to fight to wake up, my voice does not come out, and saw my husband sitting watching TV and next to him, two single women, one on each side. They looked at me sometimes and returned attention to my husband, as if seeing TV too, so I realized that behind me in my head had a lady I saw his face and the body was as if she wore something pearly, a texture that I can not explain, she made movements over my head, I was very afraid, I struggled and it it very quiet going through the motions, I wanted to scream, tell them to go away ... in vain, suddenly see a shadow dark flying toward the window, as if it had come from me that black cloud, and I went back ... Exhausted ... Breathless .... I was kind of in shock, needed a few minutes to compose myself, I told my husband who said, "was a dream, do not worry" but Rosa It was not a dream ... Since then my life has changed ... I've changed ... My eyes opened ...
So began inexplicable things happen ... And I frightened here without anything or anyone to help me, I began to search the internet, read and read a lot until today, and my eyes were opened, I began to have experiences outside the body, lucid, I thought I was going crazy, but today I know that many people have the same things, one of those happened to me, the [Me]

The machine is the first sentence I realized .... De la forth understood that it is the [Me]

I found myself on the roof of an old room ... old furniture, kind decor of the 40s maybe ... I saw an old typewriter, those black iron with round buttons ... these keys began to write themselves a text English was written ... I pulled the paper from the machine and tried to read ... I could only read the last two sentences, my English is bad, until understand something, but I can not form sentences, then I read:



As I read it, the letters on paper melted and I could not read anything.
Well, it forth to get frequencies phrases that come like a shot in my head, I can not explain ... not me .... Sometimes I even want to try to form a sentence to see if I invent, but do not work. At first if you notice in my album, until the dates were the same in the beginning, they are now gone. The first sentence I posted with a photo of my eye, then found the meaningless phrase, but today I know well that awakening, it was my ... I awoke.
This is the only account of [Me], but there are many others that I write down, the most impressive, all the keys in a notebook.
So I publish the sentences, some people even like, but just watched you and you without anyone saying anything, began to decipher them .... I do not resign myself to be a coincidence ... For nothing is by chance that life. We were both quiets .. I never called you care to see this album ... You discovered .... And to me I like to see them shared and disseminated, even if only a single person to read.
I hope to help you this little story, and that God and the good spirits enlighten you. You also aroused, so this gift of opening the Bible at the exact text. I confess that not everything in the Bible I like the wrath of words about God will never admit and accept, anger, hatred and revenge is something of sinful human being, God does not feel it, but the Bible has to be interpreted.
The Bible remains a holy book, where we have the story of Jesus, who came to show the world what unconditional love for others, by the enemy, the criminal, in short for all beings, is worth a few realize it. I respect the Bible, and also always get one verse at random when I make my gospel in the home, not always understand, but I feel very close to God, so the Bible came to be my date!

A huge kiss!Stay with God and peace ... and play every hurt, every pain, out.
None other than Jesus suffered so much in this world and never perished. So we are strong and optimistic, our passage here is short, let's not waste in tears and no sorrow, God is always present, which hurt us today, will be the joy and peace of tomorrow.
Much faith my beloved ... God is for you!

The following pages will be answered and messages and scriptures that I opened at random, asking God to explain what the ME was talking to my friend Angel.
I'm sure that none of this is coincidence, everything is connected, everything has a answer, so I decided to seek the answers to our Father and I do it until today ... Anyone can do, just have faith.
Deleted my posts in some communities, I do not understand what people fear about, and I think even funny ...
But these communities, I apologize for my inconvenience, forgive me ... and do not worry because I do anymore of the same ... I withdrew, and God in their own way can pass the message.

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