domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 52

I still work hard to do justice, exchanging messages with a person who knows Mr. Marcelo Ramos, I said:   This story only ends, when to finish, and it will be.
I sent an e-mail on November 5 to the Union of Professional Journalists of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, - Evaristo da Veiga Street, 16 / 17th floor. Center. Rio de Janeiro CEP 20031-040 Telephone: 21 3906-2450 / 21 9278-2137 Fax: 21 3906-2463
E-mail: sindicato-rio @
Legal Department: juridico @
Registration and unionization: recadastramento @

Today, November 12th, no response.
On their site, you will see the code of ethics, the question is, do They know how to read?

I mentioned in the e-mail who is Mr. Marcelo Ramos - Journalist, and how the union card is used, it seems, as one of his victims told me, and using the code of ethics of them, I safeguard the secrecy of the source, this union Is his second home, knows everyone, full of joy, he enters, talks to everyone and goes to a room to use the phone to make their personal calls. Where in another room the victim who lives in the state of Rio de Janeiro waited.
This same e-mail I am now forwarded to the National Federation of Journalists, and to the Federal Council of Journalists, we will wait to see if the attitudes are the same.

                                         Federação Nacional do Jornalistas

Conselho Federal dos Jornalistas

Remembering who paid for it were the victims.

I am very curious to know how those responsible will solve this situation, I believe it will be difficult to believe in Brazilian Journalism, and in the honesty of their work, of what they publish if their class has this type of attitude in the face of such a serious complaint.

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