terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 2

I was born in a Catholic family, was baptized, did catechism, attended the youth group, JUC - United Youth for Christ, always sought in faith solve my problems, but she was not so great, not to mention that I was always very inquisitive, and never accepted or understood the love of God, that to me has always been a big problem.
It powerful, far, willing to punish, at that time thought that he felt pleasure in it, because I could not explain the pain and suffering of so many, how much perfection in one, how many stars, and in others, nothing, that Father was that? This will change with time ... Today I tell our Father never wrong.
I had two relationships, lasted eight years each, I was never flirt, like parties, dancing, drinking, like any young, but have never been kissing for kissing, always had this way by placing love above all ... And Therefore, I've isolated for four years, locked myself in my room, I stopped leaving only worked, fulfilling my obligations at home and returned to isolate me ... that was my life. The internet at this time I've had "helped." There was no Facebook, G +, but there were chat rooms providers in sites, mine was the ZAZ, then changed the name to Earth. I met wonderful people, loved to participate in an English classroom, our teacher was Biloo, a Canadian and a wonderful human being, could order the chicken (laughs) woe to those who speak without raising his hand.
In 2004 I met my husband, I was a little confused as to the year, I lost all my files when out of the city to live with him ... Especially our conversations. One day I asked him how he found me, and he smiled and said I do not remember, I thought I would have been on a social networking site, it all happened so fast, I felt it a hurry to be happy or a need to kill a pain, do not know explain.
One day he sent me an email asking for my phone that day we spoke and at the end of next week he was standing in the doorway of my house, spent the day talking, smiling, sitting in a restaurant, under trees and taking soft drinks. It was a special day, I came home feeling lighter.
At night, like a gentleman he picked me up, opened the car door so gently and carefully, we went out for dinner, we were like two kids, and once again without missing it, we spent a few hours together. And so it was my weekend, wonderful!
As we lived in different cities, at first I went every weekend to be with me and gradually got to know my family. With dating official also started to come to meet him, and it lasted about a year, until I found myself, my house was being visited by us.
While writing this text, I found an e-mail printed in the middle of my stuff, just to confirm, met in 2004 and with little time I get almost a marriage proposal (the e-mail I found said):
Excuse me if I am sometimes insistent with you and write between the lines ... I will try to improve ... You already know me better and know what you think ... If sometimes talk too much in the future, because my heart is overflowing happiness and longs to be with you. Never take it as pressure, but as the expression of someone who loves you too.
As I said, I do not think we met while. I think I know enough of you to know how wonderful it is, how much love has to give ... and I to return. Only time will bring some answers, but we should not fear it, I think we should enjoy every minute of happiness is our obligation, and turn every minute of uncertainty, waiting, anguish in wonderful moments of love, complicity, happiness full (there is me again) ... ehehehe.
A big kiss that your Edu.
And so we live, inseparable, we did everything together, we would wake up, we would work side by side.
During almost 10 years of living together, it seemed like we had just met. We lived smiling, it was all I needed to make sense of my life, even leaving my friend jealous depression, to the point of disappearing without even leaving a message.

In early 2013, it was not very good, dizzy sense, a strange feeling and at his insistence went to the doctor, diagnosed and medicated, we returned home, it was just stress, looking back now I seem to have been more a warning and I could not see, something getting ready for what was coming.