terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 5

I tried to do everything the way he had asked me, I tried not to, I did, without taking a point, I remember that I was worried, not wanting to hurt the family, here I refer to his brothers who live in São Paulo. He was cremated and the ashes I took to be close to my father, another wish remarked to me when we went to the cemetery on Memorial Day in Feira de Santana, I want to be buried here, this is where I was happy, today I feel more Bahia to São Paulo.
It took me a while to make that decision, the white box was kept here with me for a long time, just like your toothbrush, your clothes, it gave me the false sense that he was still part of my life, just made a trip and I was waiting his return.
His sister got some more time with me, wanted to settle the things I could not do, nor will. Today I think I do not know what I'd do without her.
But everyone had to pick up their lives and found myself alone.
Actually, me and the boys, Frederico and Ben-hur. I wonder how much reluctant to the idea of ​​having both of them, I think today, how would be my life without them, do not know why we can not see how God is perfect, as He prepares everything.
When I lived in Feira de Santana, I had a Pinscher, her name was Hanna, very attached to me, and these my comings and goings, I was here in Salvador when my mother calls Edu, asking him to prepare me, and that one way to make me know that Hanna had died, I saw him in agony, full of fingers to talk to me and then I suspected, I cried a lot, and he also showed great sadness, crazy about animals. We lived in a flat and had purchased a hamster, Alfredo, today is the name of my car ... (laughs).
We rented an apartment in the same neighborhood, as it was a little bigger and Alfredo was no longer among us ( we did his burial solemnly) one day when he was to pick me up at the bus station, took me first to a place and wanted to make me a surprise introduced me to Frederico, Yorkshire with three months old, I did not agree, for I remembered Hanna and did not want to reason in life to make me sad, do not know what happened, but I could not come home without Frederico.
One day we took Frederico to shower, It was the creator who took care of him for us, in the middle of thirty dogs, Edu hit the eye in one and fell in love, but It was already sold, just waiting for the new owner to pick him. But Edu did not accept no for an answer. He called every day to see the Ben-hur, insisting purchase it, twenty days later, the creator found that the new home of our future child would be a farm, giving up the sale called us and gave ... he jumped of joy, I still reluctant, but he argued saying ... benhê, who has one has no ... after Ben-hur I were the one who told him, it is but you did not tell me who has two has ... thousand ... our youngest was not worth much weighed ...
And the Benh-hur who wiped and wipes my tears today. I try to hide, I lock myself in the room, put the pillow on my face and not so useless, he starts calling me from his room while I did not get caught in her lap to lick my face, I do not stop. A veterinarian this week told me that she was impressed with the connection that Ben-hur has with me, and all I feel he feels well and he is sicking ... I promised to myself to change.