terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 3

In April of that year, we had just finished lunch together, as I said earlier, we do not apart for nothing, I went back to work, which by the way was a journey of almost 12 hours, stopping 15, 20 minutes to lunch, and he was in the playground talking and smoking, It was the relaxation moment.of him
Later, when he came back, needing help, it was this time he was feeling what I felt.
My heart sank something is wrong ... very wrong, I thought. I told him to consult the same doctor on duty who took care of me, at the Evangelical Hospital. And so He did, regular consultation, the same examinations, echocardiography, and all done in the hospital, but returned with the results, analyzing the blood, the doctor asked others, including an X-ray of the lung, something told me It was in a hurry I needed to run.
In the X-ray showed a spot on the lung on the right and sent us to look for a pulmonologist, and hell broke loose ... After CT scans and biopsies detected the cancer, but the cell presented was not one from lung cell, and where was this tumor? In the brain it had 18 metastasis and according to the oncologist, the spot shown in lung radiograph was also a metastasis.
It's so hard to talk about it ... I always have to stop ...
We spent a long time in hospital, metastases in the brain had already reached their movements and pressure thereof should be controlled with medication. Several tests were done, how far they had spread? During this period we had the company of family, of me, my sister, from him against his will his son, after some events understood why, but I will not and I will not even go into detail, for the love of a person who I would never hurt with my words or revelations.
We spent happy times in that room, oddly enough, we needed to keep our faith and our hope, smiling, that was the only way I found to keep these two burning flames. There we found Mr. Raimundo, soon made friends. Whenever I arrived had to give a kiss on his forehead, then I was going to kiss my life.
My sister and I, we both took care of them, they needed help to go to the bathroom, take the silverware packaging ... Our room was the most visited and often the nurses arrived at the door to tell us that we would be forced to ask us out, such hubbub ... (laughs).
He did not know everything that was going on inside him, I hid some information. Crazy to come home until the doctor gave high, Mr. Raimundo had left, a couple of days before.
I could not go seeking it, was in office, the matured and I needed to take care accounts of these details, my biggest concern was to pay the health plan, with him we were facing so many problems, imagine without it, and make the deposit in the account his ex-wife, he helped, from time to time arrived emails asking not to forget because the car payment was to win the separation it was complicated, litigious, arrived here in Salvador with thirty reais in the pocket, yet he never failed to help the family, but God put a wonderful person in his way, and I know that he loved her too much, we talk about it later.
Returning to the subject, when my sister called, asking me to go home, his son delivered to dad, the medical report in the hospital door, was on this day that he learned in fact what was happening, the whole truth, did not understand what happened, why such cruelty. I ran and grabbed a taxi, he was holding on the walls to lean on who opened the door for me, his eyes filled with tears, said to me, did you know? I hugged him and I said yes ... I knew, and once again another question, as you were putting up with all this? Looking into his eyes without seeing, I also cried, I said ... FAITH.
And speaking of faith remembered when he came out of the operating room on the day of biopsy, he told me very moved that he was the lap of Jesus stained, and that day 60 years of life he was doing, he had been the day happiest of his life, and that I do not understand however hard he tried to explain to me. This created a tremendous mess, I believed that he lived what he told me and the son said it was the influence of drugs taking me to question the doctor, I wanted answers, and confirm my certainty. He had not taken any drugs, anesthesia for the procedure was spot on, and the doctor also added that he could not speak for everyone, but he had no doubt that everything happened just as he had told me.
I did everything to convince him to treat in São Paulo, there could have more resources, who know a miracle ... but he was radical, he crying spoke ... No, please, do not let anyone take me away from you ... Without you I die.
Now we had only two of us, and we needed to start the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, radiotherapy did about three sections, waited for the health plan to release the drug of chemotherapy. Had already been made surgery to implant a catheter, a special tube that is inserted into a larger vein to facilitate chemotherapy, avoiding repeated punctures to get hit a vein. We made only one section.
At home, with rigid schedules for taking the drugs it was difficult, I had to continue the work in the office, the world has not stopped ... No? I thought it was, but did not stop. I woke up at four in the morning to be there at most six, before noon had to return to prepare lunch, and even if I had someone to help me, he would not eat, waiting for me. And things were getting complicated, each day was worse for us. He could not eat, drink water, sleep, felt a lot of pain twenty-four hours in a day, I called me ... benhê ... that word sounded in my ears for quite some time later.
Twenty-three days without being able to sleep, very anxious, with the movements of the arms and legs compromised, I feared let it happen and only one incident worsened our situation.
Pain increases as I describe what I experienced. A feature film with detailed scenes is what I see now, it hurts, I end up jumping details to get worse and not give up ... I need to continue.
So, no sleep, no food I was dying with him, but I did not lose the faith, thought was worthy of a miracle, after all for almost eight years to give up a woman for love, it was my life. As a story that, could end like this?