sábado, 8 de outubro de 2016

Live without fear of living!

Life is full of surprises where your mission is to live a few moments can last as little and stay in your memory for a long time, some people can do very little part of your life and be considered forever. I imagine a day when all people have the right to be happy, even if only for a moment, to have the opportunity to feel what they really want and believe that dreams are not nonsense. sometimes you realize that appearances can be deceiving and you can suffer a lot from it! Time is one thing that does not go back, then only regret what you did not, enjoy every little second of life, to be saved forever in your memory.
With time we learn that to make mistake is human, we all make mistakes and sometimes even certain we have to lower our head and apologize; And that sometimes you have to listen to what people have to say; With time we learn to play in this life, we learn that each fall is necessary to lift up the head; We learn that not every morning is sunny, and not always everything in life is as we want; Over time know people, and found feelings; With time we learn to value every second we have, because we learned that in one second everything can change; Life goes on and we find out who our true friends are; and sometimes that unknown people value you more, than those who are with you every day; Over time we also make mistake more hits and sooner or later, we learn that we have to accept each as is. And no one is better than anyone at least in this life; Over time your life will teach how to live. Change, grow, not for others but for yourself. Fight, go on, believe, do not give up so easily to barriers imposed by society, when you want, dreams and truly believe, your dreams can come true. Do not lower your head in defeat, learn to be humble and to apologize at the right time. Learn thank all those who helped you get where you are now. Never let the thoughts or the words of others people harm you, what really matters is the opinion of those who love you, after all they are the ones who know their secrets and put up with you all the time and those who judge you without knowing certainly have their arguments based on hearsay invented to harm you. every day is a new dawn coming of a new day, with new expectations and new goals to be traced. Each morning that I witness is always the same goal and the same expectation, one where we can dream together in a place where anything can we block out the evening comes and I'm there with tears streaming down my whole face just feeling the longing for someone who was once here more today is not. Love becomes little, platonic would be ideal. You do not know what you feel, it is beyond love, and all the feelings that were once appointed, is something your soul flourishes to be good, and be ill it erodes, often the output is living in another world and see through the eyes and the heart. Maybe we together we are the impossible, but my desire to one day be possible is not just a dream is what I crave a reality. Things are happening, more than one thing can be sure remains in my mind. The form has to happen I do not care, I just want you hidden or assumed. Laughter is at risk of looking foolish. Crying is the risk of sentimental opinion. Reaching out is to risk getting involved. Exposing your feelings is to risk showing your true self. Defend your dreams and ideas before the crowd is to risk losing people. To love is to take the risk of not being corresponded. To live is to risk dying. Trust is running the risk of being disappointed. To try is to risk failure. But the risks should be run, because the greatest danger is not risk anything. There are people who do not run any risk, do nothing, have nothing and are nothing. They may even avoid suffering and disappointments, but they can not nothing, feel nothing, do not change, do not grow, do not love, do not live. Chained by their attitudes, they saw slaves, they deprive themselves of their freedom. Only the person who takes risks is free. Sometimes a fake smile can be a comfort to ourselves. Sometimes we do not give value to friends, family, loved ones, but when we lose, we saw how much they are missing. Missing. Ah! Longing. It hurts so much that sometimes we want to take one of our thoughts to stay well. Loneliness can be the best medicine or the worst drug depends on the moment. Crying is like taking a weight of consciousness with your hands. Or can you simply yield more headache yet. Well it is to love, smile, sing, live like there is no tomorrow. I walk around head high, be yourself. Loving friends, make them well, so that you feel good too. Why not choose who we will be when you grow up, but the future shows us who we become when you grow up? Why do we have disappointments, but still keep insisting on what we know will work. Why not choose which family belong, choose our own names, something that is so our folks, but that was given by another person, even by someone outside the family? Why we cry if we know that the dawn is beautiful, and the stars still shine? Why do we want to scream when you can not, or when it is not the right time? Why when a tear wants to fall and we try to hold does not work and it runs in our face? Why nothing is as we wanted it to be? Why do people not understand us? Why must you always do the right things and never skip some of the rules of life? Why often we want something we can not have, as the father world's best, the most loving mother, the coolest brothers, that friend who can tell everything and trust blindly, that perfect boyfriend, that dog that obeys you only you look, that love for the first sight, but that lasts forever, that beautiful hair that neither of the sleeve that "super" shoe you saw in the window, the one hundred real shorts you saw that wonderful store, or even slightly change our way of seeing life? Because? There are so many questions that would not fit here, but they are questions that have an answer: if life was easy it would not be so good to live, it would be bland "unsalted," if everything were allowed would not do nothing hidden because "hidden is tastier, "the family would be perfect, but who said a little fight from time to time is not good? For there is no one perfect in this world, neither I nor you. We are all equal people with heart, one that often gets hurt, breaks and takes a long time to heal, but ends up healing, is injured? Yes, but wounds that serve only consolation to be able to remember what caused the pain, but that one day we turn it up and turned into a wound, the wound that gives relief to our being and soul. We must live this life intensely, without fear of making mistakes because it's there to be exploited in the best way we can and we want, let's hit the head? Come on , but think ... if we did not beat both our head as we shall learn what is our duty to learn? How would we know who to trust truth, what is the right person, the one who will make you happy forever and that will be with you in difficult times! Love is a guy touched, but is one that teaches us the art of love, it hurts? A lot, but then when we of your affection, it is the best thing we can have in this life, you can have anything, but with him you have everything. This is our moment, we takes it as best as possible, live every minute Of his life as if it were the last, cry or laugh, be happy or be sad, love or hate, stay or dating, kiss or hug, but the important thing is to be happy. Have your losses as a lesson, for there in front of you to the right and head up! Tears are made to comfort our hearts, crying is good too, it's like taking a weight of us, something that to hurt us! So the chore as it takes, because only tears know why so much pain. Thinking about the future is even good, but not recommended, we must think about now, do whatever we want, the way we want, where we want and not get why we want. When you do something I do not think often, because who thinks a lot end up doing nothing. Do not combine and check anything, do all the time when you give "on the tile," that's the key, because if you match or score, eventually never working! Live without fear of living!