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The Invisible World of Women - Page 48

Eighth day - I went to Mass, I seemed to be listening better, more clear, as if I had never heard before, so clear.
Some things began to pass in my head, I was even scared.
Preaching was beautiful, but something bothered me, a lot ... I did not know what. Returning home after a still thoughtful time I open the Bible asking God, what is happening? What bothers me?

Wisdom - Chapter 13: 10-19

10 But wretched are they, with their hopes set on dead things, who have given the title of gods to human artefacts, gold or silver, skilfully worked, figures of animals, or useless stone, carved by some hand long ago.
11 Take a woodcutter. He fells a suitable tree, neatly strips off the bark all over and then with admirable skill works the wood into an object useful in daily life.
12 The bits left over from his work he uses for cooking his food, then eats his fill.
13 There is still a good-for-nothing bit left over, a gnarled and knotted billet: he takes it and whittles it with the concentration of his leisure hours, he shapes it with the skill of experience, he gives it a human shape
14 or perhaps he makes it into some vile animal, smears it with ochre, paints its surface red, coats over all its blemishes.
15 He next makes a worthy home for it, lets it into the wall, fixes it with an iron clamp.
16 Thus he makes sure that it will not fall down -- being well aware that it cannot help itself, since it is only an image, and needs to be helped.
17 And yet, if he wishes to pray for his goods, for his marriage, for his children, he does not blush to harangue this lifeless thing -- for health, he invokes what is weak,
18 for life, he pleads with what is dead, for help, he goes begging to total inexperience, for a journey, what cannot even use its feet,
19 for profit, an undertaking, and success in pursuing his craft, he asks skill from something whose hands have no skill whatever.

I will not comment, we often have to shut up and let God speak to us.
Ninth day - needed to solve a problem, needed more than anything that my Father hold in my hand, for what I should do to my eyes was far from being consistent with my actions, but I still did not believe it was the right I run to my hiding place, the mouth of God and read Job 1 - "Satan puts Job proof" and that eased my heart, Verse 22 - "After all this Job did not commit sin nor impute anything unworthy against God"
Entranced I spend the tenth day thanking my father every answer, every experience lived, even painful.
The question of acting for me always have doubts, let me worry too much involved with the pain that causes me the world, It is so hard, and that's the reason for always seeking help and support in the Bible. Act like Jesus acted, for mere mortals, often put us in very dangerous situations, I lived it, trying to help a human being who was said to have cancer, he was hungry, and he could have killed me, if not for the interference of my God . All that passed I needed to, and this battle that I brought to my life, I need to live, because of love of neighbor, step for justice, and, God is LOVE ... and above all JUSTICE.

Page 48